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Now 9 Powerful Keynotes in the Course of 4 Amazing Days — Only at HR Tech 2020

Each day, HR Tech will feature compelling keynotes on timely and need-to-know topics by some of the industry’s most respected experts and forward thinkers. Each hour-long keynote will incorporate time for live Q&A where you can submit questions via chat and the presenter will respond to your questions live!

Day 1: Tuesday, October 27

11 a.m. ET

JOSH BERSIN Global Industry Analyst & Dean, Josh Bersin Academy

Dealing With Disruption:
How the New Normal Is Shaking Up the HR Technology Market

The HR technology market has been massively disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic. Technology requirements for remote working have changed priorities. Budgets have been cut. In some cases, solution providers are struggling to maintain market share, while others are seeing an uptick in business. Josh Bersin has been studying the ongoing evolution of the HR technology market for two decades and has developed a reputation for making sense of current market complexity and forecasting influencing trends. As always, his keynote will be jam-packed with facts and insights, coupled with his candid perspective on how the “new normal” will change buying priorities and shake up the market. Plus, you’ll hear his predictions on what the challenges of 2020 will mean to you.

4:45 p.m. ET

Stacey Harris
Chief Research Officer, Sapient Insights Group

Public Debut of the Sierra-Cedar/Sapient Insights 2020-2021 HR Systems Survey Findings

The business of HR is achieving outcomes … this keynote will help you get them. Are you designing a flexible HR technology environment that encourages adoption and interaction while being central to business continuity? Are you attempting to make sense of the vendor landscape and back-to-work technology? Are you interested in emerging technology that has a real impact on your business? Are you rethinking the role of the HR technology function and wondering what skills and leadership qualities are required in this new era of HR? Stacey Harris will unveil the findings from the Sierra-Cedar/Sapient Insights 2020-2021 HR Systems Survey, 23rd Annual Edition, and share the data and insights gathered from a community of more than 20,000 organizations around the world, with year-over-year data comparisons and key findings that can help you build a business case for change that achieves real outcomes.

Day 2: Wednesday, October 28

11 a.m. ET

Stacia Garr Co-founder & Principal Analyst, RedThread Research

Finding Your North Star: The Importance of Purpose (and Technology) During Disruption

The incredible disruptions of 2020 have revealed a lot about both organizations and their employees. In some instances, organizations have leaned into supporting employees and other key stakeholders, while in others leaders have clamped down, focusing narrowly on serving shareholders. The difference between the two? Having a clear sense of organizational purpose. Stacia Garr will share why it is so critical for organizations and employees today to have a clear sense of purpose (and no, it’s not just because it feels good) and how leaders can use purpose to navigate successfully through the current disruptions. She will also explain the role of HR — and HR technology — in helping bring purpose to life, providing suggestions on how leaders can navigate their organizations with purpose (and technology) today.

4:45 p.m. ET

HRE Top Products Participants to be announced

Top HR Products of the Year:
Watch the Winners Unveil Their Awesome New Technologies

New for 2020: Human Resource Executive® and HR Tech have combined the “Top HR Products of the Year” with the “Awesome New Technologies for HR” to better focus and celebrate the innovations driving the HR technology market that have been developed in the past year and can be implemented in your organization now. Fast-paced demonstrations of “awesome” technology will inspire your thinking about leading-edge HR technology, feature ways to meet the needs of your COVID-disrupted workforce, and improve your understanding of the potential of HR technology including providers who may be your next partner in success.

Day 3: Thursday, October 29

11 a.m. ET

JASON AVERBOOK  CEO & Founder, Leapgen

Writing the New Book of Work

No book was written to help us navigate all the challenges HR has faced so far in 2020. In this newly created NOW of Work, HR has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to frame everything anew: how we think, how we design, the actions we take, and the technologies we deploy. It’s our time to write the new book of work — an opportunity to redefine work, redefine an industry and redefine ourselves. But only if we assess, align and act like never before. Jason Averbook will explain the role of mindset, the importance of thinking digital, and the necessary impact of both on your business and people strategies.

3 p.m. ET

Marcus Buckingham
Head of ADP Research Institute

Resilience: How to Build It in Yourself and in Those You Lead

What is this thing called resilience, and how can each of us cultivate it in our own lives? To answer these questions, Marcus Buckingham, New York Times bestselling author and Founder of the Strengths Revolution, and his team at the ADP Research Institute undertook two field studies. The first focused on identifying the sources of resilience, pinpointing the best questions to measure it, and then playing out the specific prescriptions to increase resilience in yourself and those you lead. The second was the largest global study of resilience to date that surveyed 25,000 working adults from 25 countries. Marcus’s thesis going in was those countries that had responded most effectively to COVID-19 would display the most resilient workforce. Thus, countries such as Taiwan, Singapore and South Korea would show high levels of resilience, whereas countries such as Brazil, India and the U.S. would show comparatively lower levels. To Marcus’s surprise, his thesis did not hold up. Instead, a very different pattern emerged that revealed not only how you can build resilience in your life, but also why so many leaders are pursuing the wrong path to increase resilience in those they lead. Marcus will reveal the surprising results of this global study of resilience — what its ingredients are, what causes it, and prescriptions for you as a leader to build greater resilience.

4:45 p.m. ET

Tolonda Tolbert Co-founder, Head of Strategy and Culture, Eskalera

Culture Matters: How to Interrupt Systemic Discrimination From the Top Down and Bottom Up

Workplaces are waking up to the reality that they are a microcosm of larger societal issues of systemic discrimination. Addressing this realization includes tackling how systemic discrimination is built into the fabric of today’s workplaces, as commonly reflected in the composition of C-Suites and boardrooms. Examining what we do and then how we do it is necessary to address the culture, practices and processes that create a revolving door for women and under-represented talent. To succeed, this challenge must be holistically approached, applying evidence-based, integrated solutions that are impactful and sustainable, and create accountability through consistent measurement. Dr. Tolbert will spotlight the role of technology in bringing about change toward a more diverse, equitable and inclusive future of work.

Day 4: Friday, October 30

11 a.m. ET

John Sumser
Founder, Principal Analyst, HRExaminer

How HR (and Technology) Can Address Workplace Health and Safety — Without Knowing All the Answers

The office building is suddenly a dangerous place. Traditionally, the HR technology industry has not considered health and safety to be part of its territory. But the pandemic and the advancement of intelligent tools are changing HR’s role, and the technology it uses. HR is becoming the department of individual and organizational health, safety and development. This new role will require new decision-making styles while integrating people analytics and intelligent tools. Rather than searching and waiting for the perfect answer, HR leaders are learning to ask better questions. This is how HR finally severs its roots in accounting and finance. John Sumser will explore this new world of probabilistic decision making, tentative answers and outright mistakes. The technology HR will need to address workforce health and safety will be highlighted and you’ll be shown how to move from decisions rooted in confidence to decisions based on limited understanding and probabilistic input from intelligent machines.

4:45 p.m. ET

Lisa Buckingham, Executive Vice President and Chief People, Place and Brand Officer, Lincoln Financial Group

Leading in a Crisis:
The Strategic Intersection of People and Technology

Worried that technology is going to take the human out of human resources? You shouldn’t be. In reality, it’s just the opposite. Learn how implementing technology in partnership with HR can take your people to the next level to help them focus on what they do best and facilitate their development — ultimately enabling better employee and customer experiences. During COVID-19, the intersection of technology and HR has expanded far beyond engaging and developing employees. It’s become an absolute lifeline. Lisa Buckingham, the 2017 Human Resource Executive® HR Executive of the Year, will discuss Lincoln Financial’s four-year digital journey and how forward-thinking digital investments and continuity planning positioned it to respond to the pandemic by rapidly transitioning to a virtual environment and to more effectively plan for the long-term implications of this crisis.

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