Top-Notch Keynotes by Some of the World’s Foremost Workplace Digital Thought Leaders

Over the course of 4 days, Spring HR Tech will feature 7 compelling hour-long keynotes by the industry’s most respected experts and forward thinkers. Don’t miss this opportunity to take a front row seat from the comfort and convenience of your office or home for you to hear from these visionary leaders!

Tuesday, March 16

11 a.m. ET

Josh Bersin Global Industry Analyst and Dean, Josh Bersin Academy
Global Industry Analyst and Dean, Josh Bersin Academy

HR Technology 2021:
Facilitating Big Changes in Work

Making work easier and more productive, facilitating collaboration and teamwork, and enhancing workplace safety are among the needs impacting the market. World-renowned industry analyst Josh Bersin will discuss how HR technology is supporting the major work changes we’re seeing in the pandemic’s wake. He’ll also discuss how corporate purchase priorities and budgets are changing, how technology vendors are responding, and what he projects for recent mergers and acquisitions. Bersin will highlight findings from his 2021 HR technology research report and describe how the shift from HR tech to work tech has the potential to fundamentally change your technology strategy, implementation priorities and the market itself.

Wednesday, March 17

11 a.m. ET

Mimi Brooks CEO, Logical Design Solutions (LDS)
CEO, Logical Design Solutions (LDS)

Building Sustainable, High Performance Organizations of Tomorrow

As the second wave of the Fourth Industrial Revolution unfolds, progressive companies are busy reimagining and rethinking their business models to compete in this volatile digital age. For legacy organizations with profound assets and valuable capabilities, this translates into large-scale, disruptive transformation across many areas — automating core operations, creating new customer-centric digital solutions and experiences, and supplementing traditional processes and value chains with dynamic, interconnected business ecosystems.

Yet, to support these transformational growth strategies, organizations will need to be responsive and resilient by design. Mimi Brooks will discuss the framework for purpose-driven organizations where shareholders, customers, employees, suppliers and communities are equal partners. She’ll examine why culture cohesion will bind the human-centric operating model and how new approaches to leadership will guide flatter, faster and more fluid organizations. She’ll also discuss the new ways of working and the future of jobs, which will ultimately redefine the value and intention of human work.

Thursday, March 18

4:45 p.m. ET

Jason Averbook Co-founder and CEO, Leapgen
Co-founder and CEO, Leapgen

Changing Work for Good:
A Whole Person Approach to Digital Transformation

Humans caring about humans: the only definition of HR you need to know or care about. Human Resources isn’t rocket science; it’s the art of focusing on humans, whole person care, and the wellbeing of every person who makes up our workforce. Whole person wellbeing addresses physical health, psychological safety, emotional and mental wellness, financial health and security, truly the ENTIRE PERSON. Putting PEOPLE at the center of workforce experience and technology strategies should be the only imperative of HR in 2021.

Because here’s the trick: only technology can scale wellbeing. Finding the right blend of high touch human and high touch digital, understanding the role and opportunity of workforce solutions to deliver personalized experience at scale, and knowing the difference between a technology plan and a digital people strategy is the recipe every HR leader needs to practice and perfect. This is why design thinking and a digital mindset for workforce experience and HR technology is so critical.

In this electric keynote, Jason Averbook will help you find focus, inspire action, and adopt the digital mindset required to better serve humanity by changing work for good in 2021.

More to be announced soon!

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