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A Can’t Miss for HR Leaders Looking to Advance Workplace Gender Equity

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted working women significantly more than men and risks setting back progress already made towards greater gender diversity in the workplace. Recruiting, engaging and, in some cases, welcoming women back into the workforce post-pandemic – all require new solutions to new problems. Gain insight on the technologies that will help you drive gender equity in your workplace in 8 laser-focused sessions during this popular half-day summit at the HR Technology Conference – included in your Premium Pass

2021 Women in HR Technology Summit Agenda

September 28, 2021 | 8:15 a.m. - 12 p.m.


The Pandemic Has Been
Unforgiving to Women – Here’s How We Can Make a Difference
Rebecca Henderson
Rebecca Henderson

CEO, Global Businesses & Executive Board Member, Randstad

The shift to remote work during the pandemic didn’t benefit everyone. Disproportionately, more female workers serving in hard-hit sectors and working moms and caretakers shouldering more than their fair share of responsibilities left women stressed and underrepresented in the workforce. Rebecca Henderson will share how companies can redefine work and implement technology to support female employees while rolling out various initiatives to give working women the skills needed now and in the future. Learn which strategies, technologies and programs have proved effective at Randstad globally, and hear Henderson, drawing upon her experience as a young, single mother who built a path to the corner office, describe how talent leaders can provide equal opportunities and empower women to fulfill their professional ambitions.


Challenge the Narrative
Emily He
Emily He

Senior VP, Human Capital Management Cloud Business Group, Oracle

A narrative is a story you tell to connect your past, present and future. Your narrative can either limit you or help you expand your vision on what you are capable of reaching. Crafting a new narrative is the most important thing women can do to change their career trajectory and chart a new path. Additionally, reflecting on the underlying narrative you’ve created about yourself and others is a great way to uncover unconscious gender bias and rethink your talent strategy. You’ll learn that by helping others re-imagine their narrative, you can help them realize their potential and achieve their personal and professional aspirations.

Women in HR Technology speakers on stage

And six more sessions providing you expert insight on:

  • Strategies for applying data and analytics across the employee life cycle to eliminate gender bias
  • Developing a sophisticated women-centric sourcing strategy and the talent acquisition technologies you’ll need
  • The pivotal role HR plays in helping women regain their footing and influence even when working remotely
  • How upskilling and reskilling can help women shock-proof their careers
  • How data can uncover problem areas before qualified women exit the organization
  • The role of technology and reporting in gender pay equity
  • And more!
Women in HR Technology speakers on stage
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Women in HR Technology speaker on stage
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